… “Helping Hands Building Homes For The Unsheltered” …

We would love to have you volunteer to work with us!

There are many opportunities to help no matter what your skill level is.

We will find a place for you to help out doing what you love to do !     

Homelessness can affect anyone at any time. Hope Village exists to help individuals and families in need get back on their feet. But, to continue serving our Hope Village guests, we need your help! Our Community Center is in need of volunteers to help staff it, so our tiny house guests can use the facility for accessing the kitchen to cook meals, restrooms and showers and hanging out in the lounge areas. Without volunteers to staff the Community Center, our guests cannot access the facility for these basic needs. That’s where you can help!

Volunteer staffing shifts are in two hour increments, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. If you have a group at your church, like a men’s/women’s group, youth ministry, book club or quilting group, we welcome your assistance. This is a wonderful opportunity to get outside of your church and help those in our community. 

We have ten volunteer teams that are available for sign up. See the list below for a description of what each team is responsible for. After reading the descriptions click on the volunteer sign-up form below to join one of the teams.

1. Building and Maintenance Team

Responsibilities: Maintaining and repairing our property, tiny houses, and community center.

Tasks: Weekly “To-Do” lists include various jobs, from minor repairs to more substantial projects.

Time Commitment: Flexible, ranging from 20 minutes to a few hours.

2. Cleaning, Stocking, and Inventory Team

Responsibilities: Ensuring cleanliness and restocking of tiny houses for new guests.

Collaboration: Works closely with the Stocking and Inventory teams.

Training: New members receive guidance from experienced volunteers.

3. Community Center Staffing Team

Responsibilities: Opening and overseeing the community center from 6 am to 10 pm.

Perks: You can read, craft, or use our Wi-Fi during your two-hour shifts.

4. Fundraising Team

Responsibilities: Planning fundraising activities and supporting events.

Opportunities: Joining our annual Quarter Auction and partnering with local organizations for fundraising.

5. Grant Writing Team

Responsibilities: Seeking and writing grants for general expenses and affordable housing development.

Requirement: Grant writing experience needed.

6. Guest Support Team

Responsibilities: Providing assistance to guests, including childcare, transportation, and mentoring.

Involvement: Support events, classes, and weekly goal setting.

7. Housing Search Team

Responsibilities: Helping guests find safe and affordable housing.

Activities: Assisting with applications, rental resumes, and maintaining a rental list.

8. Donation Collection and Resale Team

Responsibilities: Collecting donations and selling items online.

Acquisitions: Collect items from estate sales on Monday mornings.

Contribution: Preparing items for sale and donating unsalable items.

9. Promotional and Outreach Team

Responsibilities: Educating the public about Hope Village through website maintenance, newsletters, and storytelling.

Collaborations: Works closely with other teams to promote events.

Meetings: Monthly virtual meetings, with tasks assigned and worked on independently.

10. Volunteer Organization Team

Responsibilities: Managing and coordinating volunteers, communicating team needs, and conducting background checks.

Additional Roles: Organizing small teams, like the grass mowing team.

Maintenance: Maintains a master list of volunteers.

Click on the volunteer sign-up form below to sign up, Thank YOU !